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Visual Suite is a communication picture software that aims to help the professionals (teacher, speech and language therapist etc.) and the parents/carers to create resources for students that are not verbal or having speech and language difficulties. Using this software you can have over 15,000 high quality images from various categories such as: foods, places, items, behavioural and living skills etc. which can be used as flash cards, visual aids, behavioural charts, communication cards, token boards, checklists, behaviour management materials, chore charts, living skills charts etc. and enhance the communication of your children.


System Requirements
Windows XP or higher (including Vista and Windows 7) and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (including 10.5 and 10.6)

Prize: $179.95

Make Me Pirate

Make me Pirate” is an intuitive, funny and FREE app that allows you to create your own personalize pirate portrait.
You can find a
IOS and Android Version, i use this iPad application and it’s very interesting when I was teaching the book “Treasure Island.  It is one more way to make them engage and feel as if they were really pirates :) . Also you can use a little trailer of film  from Youtube 

It also can be used in drama in order to prepare some scenarios.

After finishing your own portrait there is the option of sending it via email or sharing it via Twitter or Facebook.

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ABC Ninja

ABC Ninja is an exciting educational game that helps kids rapidly learn their letters by sight, sound, and touch.
The interface is very intuitive and allows also to teach and learn phonics.

ABC ninja 1

It is an adaptation of the successful game Fruit Ninja, but with letters.

I was a little skeptical in the beginning but I have to confess that the students’ learning was great and that they love it.

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GRID 2 – How to link different pages? (Tutorial)

In this section we will talk about how to link different pages so it will allow us to navigate and classify the content in the same User.

grid 2 tut 12  This is the new command we will introduce today.

For information about how to create a user and add words, please look the previous tutorial GRID 2 – Creating and Adding new words (Tutorial).


  • When you want to change between GRID screen and the tutorial in this website keep press the key Alt and later press tab.
  • You can click the pictures to watch them in a big size (later you can go back through the back arrow in the internet explorer).
  • The numbers with the description are shown also in the picture.
  • In the end of the post there is a videotutorial.


For showing an example we will open the default Symbol Talker B.

grid 2 tut 1

– We will click with the mouse “At school”.

– We must go to the section Edit.  You can also type F11.

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