GRID 2 – Creating and Adding new words (Tutorial)

In this first tutorial I will explain how to create and add/modify new words in the grid.


  • When you want to change between GRID screen and the tutorial in this website keep press the key Alt and later press tab.
  • You can click the pictures to watch them in a big size (later you can go back through the back arrow in the internet explorer).
  • The numbers with the description appear also in the picture.
  • In the end of the post there is a videotutorial.


– Double click and open the program GRID 2    logo grid2

This is the first page that will appear:

  1. Click “Create new User”
  2. Import grid bundle (import a grid already made extension *.bdl)

– Let´s choose the option 1. Write the name that we want for our grid and it will appear with an icon among the rest of them. In this case I called my grid “Tutorial 1″.

grid tut2


– We must go to the section Edit. In this tutorial we will begin to introduce the “Edit Mode” option. You can also click the keyboard F11.

Be aware that when you are in SHOW MENU (option in edit or F12) you can not edit the cells. It only allows to PLAY and see what the cells can do. Therefore, is the right option when the kids are using it.

With EDIT MENU mode you can not play the cells and see what happens, but allows you to modify the cells and the structure of the grid.

grid tut 3

// Grid has two sections: one is called Workspace and the other zone you can find the cells. The cells are programmable squares, what does it mean that? It means that when the children will press the square, something will happen (ex: the word will appear in the workspace and the program will read the word, the  program will go to another section, will delete a word, …). This things that we want to happen are called “commands” and we will talk about them later. //

– We also can add/delete rows and columns.

grid tut4grid tut5

– After that, we will click one of the squares and we will proceed to edit the cells.


– Editing the cells.

grid tut 6

  1. Double click to the cell.  When the cell is already clicked (selected) will appear with a blue cross: in that case you will have to click it 3 times.
  2. Enter the word you want. This function or command is called Text. Automatically it will appear in the list of commands.

grid tut 8

3- The program will also suggest some pictures which you can change from different libraries or from your folders.

grid tut 7

4- Finally you can change also the background and shape of the cell.

grid tut 9


I called this step 3B because there is another way of creating a grid of talking words, faster.

– With the mouse click and drag from one corner and select all the squares as it is shown in the below image.

//  You must click between the space of the cells and later hold and drag to the other side. Another option to select the cells is keep press Ctrl + click of the mouse. //


grid tut 10

1- Afterwards, double click on Auto content cell and select Edit wordlist.

grid tut 11

– Double click the Auto content cell and select Edit WordList

grid tut 12

Write all the words you want in the list, and click save changes.

The words entered following that option (step 3B) will not appear with edit mode. To visualize them you will have to change to Show Menu Bar (continue the tutorial with the last step 4th).


The last step is to save. Click the red button. Accept to save the changes you have already made.

grid tut 13

And this is the result :)

grid tut 14

For more information you can also see this videotutorial.

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