GRID 2 – How to link different pages? (Tutorial)

In this section we will talk about how to link different pages so it will allow us to navigate and classify the content in the same User.

grid 2 tut 12  This is the new command we will introduce today.

For information about how to create a user and add words, please look the previous tutorial GRID 2 – Creating and Adding new words (Tutorial).


  • When you want to change between GRID screen and the tutorial in this website keep press the key Alt and later press tab.
  • You can click the pictures to watch them in a big size (later you can go back through the back arrow in the internet explorer).
  • The numbers with the description are shown also in the picture.
  • In the end of the post there is a videotutorial.


For showing an example we will open the default Symbol Talker B.

grid 2 tut 1

– We will click with the mouse “At school”.

– We must go to the section Edit.  You can also type F11.

Be aware that when you are in SHOW MENU (option in edit or F12) you can not edit the cells. It only allows to PLAY and see what the cells can do. Therefore, is the right option when the kids are using it.

With EDIT MENU mode you can not play the cells and see what happens, but allows you to modify the cells and the structure of the grid.

grid tut 3


grid 2 tut 3

grid 2 tut 4

  1. Click “new Grid”.
  2. Type the name of this “subgrid” (a grid will be visualized and linked in another grid).

grid 2 tut 5

3. Click Yes


grid 2 tut 6

This is a default template but if you look in the left side bar, it is shown the title of the “subgrid” that I called ICT.

Now you can delete the cells you don´t want (press the cell and later the key Delete of the keyboard), add/remove rows or columns, and edit the content of the cells. You can also click the cell and drag it to another position in the grid.


grid tut 13

1- Save it and click yes.

grid 2 tut 8

– Click the arrow “Go back” and you will go to the previous grid with the schools’ subjects. If you have deleted it, you should go to File and find the previous grid or close the user and open it again (Talk symbol B).

– Now we will click again Edit mode (F11).

– Select one empty cell and edit it following the instructions in the previous tutorial.    GRID 2 – Creating and Adding new words (Tutorial).

– In my case the new subject added will be ICT23 (the name of the cell and the name of the “subgrid” can be different).

grid 2 tut 9

  1. Type the word
  2. Change the picture
  3. Edit style of the cell (if you want exactly the same background colour go to Style>Cell Colour and where it is the code of New colour paste the code of the other cells Ctrl+C (copy)  Ctrl+P (paste)
  4. We will need to select  “add a command”

The commands are the actions that will happen once the student will click inside the cell.

grid 2 tut 10

  1. Type the name of the command (Jump to).
  2. Find the different commands ordered by categories.
  3. Scroll down to find all the commands.
  4. Description of the command.

grid 2 tut 11

1- Select the grid that we created (ICT)

The commands will be executed from the top to the bottom. In this case when the cell will be clicked, the program will speak the word ICT (Command “Text”) and later we will see the grid previous created (Jump to “ICT”).

Finally save it and enjoy it :)

grid tut 13


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