Candy Count – Learn Colors and Numbers

This app is great for kids who begin to count and students with dyscalculia and it is FREE.

The first little thing that makes this app engaging for my pupils is that is about food! Moreover, about candies… who doesn’t like candies :)

candy 1

The first part of the activity is to drag the candies to the right box matching the right colors. The free version allows to choose the simplest candy shape and a maximum of 5 candies per color.

candy 2

When they finish it appears another text box that indicates the next task. In this case the students have to count the amount of candies in each jar and whenever the student click a candy, this disappear. In addition, the program prompts the student with sound and numbers.

candy 3

Afterwards, you can work concepts such as “more” and “less”.

candy 4

And finally with the free version a number line from 1 to 5. The students have to order the jars dragging them to the right place.

If you have had any experience with this app don´t forget to leave a comment ;-)

I hope you enjoy it.


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