iPads y Autismo

iPads y Autismo
Rosa Aparicio


Our main goal is to get an inclusive school where all students find their own space. To achieve this, we work with ICT tools that facilitate the access to the content and are very accessible and motivating for students. In particular, we work with iPad apps to provide educational resources to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Two years ago we created ” iPads and Autism “, a project that aims to improve school inclusion of students with special educational needs (SEN), and more specifically, students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in regular classrooms.

Our objectives are:

  • To improve the inclusion of students with ASD at school.
  • To enhance their skills and abilities with tablets.
  • To provide a communication tool to students with speech and language impairment.
  • To achieve a greater degree of autonomy and strengthen their self-esteem.
  • To provide an inclusive tool to work with these students in regular classrooms.

We work in different groups depending on the characteristics of students, their skills and abilities:

  • Individual sessions with students who have more needs.
  • Small group sessions with those who have learning difficulties.
  • Sessions in the regular class where students with SEN work with other students in a group, trying to reach a real inclusion in mainstream classrooms.

The sessions are designed according to the characteristics, educational needs and skills to strengthen of our students. These sessions focus on skills such as emotion recognition, fine motor skills, pretend play, sequencing or social skills.

In terms of content, we prepare activities in the areas of mathematics and language. In maths, our learning intentions are; the association of number and quantity, mental arithmetic, logic and categorization .

In addition, we aim to improve students’ oral and written comprehension , and empower creative writing and improving oral expression, developing their own ICT materials such as books , magazines, theme books, etc. .

The project began last year in the school where I currently work. This year, we move forward with the project in our school and at the same time, we have initiated a project of digital inclusion in another school with a Unit of Specific Educational Support (USEE) where students with ASD are learning with the help of iPad applications.

We are continue developing ideas, creating inclusive projects and making interventions in the classroom to achieve our goals and get a more inclusive school for students with SEN.

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