Make Me Pirate

Make me Pirate” is an intuitive, funny and FREE app that allows you to create your own personalize pirate portrait.
You can find a
IOS and Android Version, i use this iPad application and it’s very interesting when I was teaching the book “Treasure Island.  It is one more way to make them engage and feel as if they were really pirates :) . Also you can use a little trailer of film  from Youtube 

It also can be used in drama in order to prepare some scenarios.

After finishing your own portrait there is the option of sending it via email or sharing it via Twitter or Facebook.

First of all,  place your face in the frame, and readjust the position of the eyes and mouth.

You can create randomly your character or you can go to each group and choose the option that you prefer.

The free version has 33 options per category (frame, hat, eye patch, beard) and you can also write the text you want as a message.


Have fun!



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