Robot Sphero in education

What is spheroSpheroSphero is a programmable robot that allows us to create our own applications.

We can use two different free programs; MacroLab and Orb Basic.


How to use sphero in the class

Physiotherapy programs:

  • Macromovements- improve the mobility and flexibility of the muscles. We can connect the electronic device and attach it to the wrist as it shown in the picture. When the arm moves forward the ball moves to the same direction and change the color so it allows to practice movements such as forearm Pronation and Supination.
  • Micromovements: Improve the fine motor skills of the wrist and the muscles of the hand.

Physio program macromovement

Etch-o-Matic for Sphero® – Android Apps on Google Play

Elementary School:

  • Percentages – mixing colors at different levels to change the color Sphero glows.sphero1
  • Simple Geometry and Angles – make Sphero drive a square,  pentagon, or rectangle to recreate learned shapes.
  • Fractions – provide a specific fraction and have the students calculate how to adjust Sphero to get the exact color.
  • Math operations – command Sphero to drive in a square, then use a multiplier or divisor to double or halve the square size.
  • Logic – command Sphero to preform a sequence of steps to navigate a course.

Middle School:

  • Algebraic Word Problems – use Sphero to bring word problems to life. Example: two Spheros traveling in a straight line. One is at 50% the speed of the other. How long until one overtakes the other?
  • Logic – conditional statements manifested in the real world. If Sphero hits a wall, then drive in the opposite direction.
  • Measurement – time Sphero with a stopwatch as he drives across the room and calculate size of the room.sphero2
  • Pythagorean Theorem – program Sphero to drive a right triangle.
  • Probability – use Sphero to blink certain colors randomly at a specified rate to find the probablity to get a specific colour.

High School:

  • Intro to programming – learn programming using orbBasic: variables, conditional statements, subroutines, syntax.
  • Formula Derivation – program Sphero to calculate prime numbers.
  • Physics lab – drop Sphero from varying heights and read the accelerometer output to find results.
  • Geometry – write a program to dynamically drive different sized triangles based on initial input.
  • Algebra – word problems that use Spheros at different speed, colors, times or angles and do tests in real world.


  • Intro to programming – learn programming using Ruby.
  • Mobile programming – program apps for Sphero on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices and tablets.
  • Robotics – use Sphero as a sensor platform and use gyroscope, accelerometer and IMU values to leverage Sphero’s control system and SDK to command robots from smartphones.
  • Physics – use Sphero as an experimental test bed with built-in instrumentation that can easily read rate changes and g’s on 3 axis’s.


Price: Aprox

£79 v1 – £99.95 v2

(100-130 Euros)

Where to buy it:

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