Teaching kids with dyscalculia and SEN – Dynamo maths

Dynamo Maths is a three-stage online programme to help pupils with dyscalculia and SEN. http://www.dynamomaths.co.uk/


Stage 1 – Multi-Sensory Activities with Downloadable Resources Over 230 maths games, activities and printable resources written by dyscalculia experts. Learning maths concepts through touch, feel and play. These games and activities develop mental strategies and confidence with maths.

Stage 2 – Interactive Reinforcement through On Screen Practice using Visual Models and Images. Over 230 activities that activate many sensory channels and build confidence. Audio and visual stimuli to harness a variety of learning styles. Unlimited questions in small cumulative steps. Personalize and set on – line homework.

Stage 3 – Dynamic Worksheets for Reinforcement and Testing Understanding. Unlimited dynamic printable worksheets with new questions each time. Enables the child to record their work on paper, think through and reflect on their learning.



  • Progress report.
  • Certificate of achievement.
  • Inform strengths and areas of need for each child.
  • Intervention report.
  • Student Homework report.

Inside the platform we can see different sections.


The numbers 1 to 4 show the different activities level.

Dynamo 1 activities are designed mainly for track students P level 6 to 8 while in the other sections you can find activities which the level is more appropriate for lane pupils (Entry level 1 and beyond).

Each type of activity such as Visualize Patterns, has different level of difficulty (Visualize patterns 1-3, Visualize patterns 1-5, Visualize patterns 1-9). There is also a bar which indicates the level of accomplishment of the interactive activity.


There is sound which formulates the question and it is interactive (can be used with the Interactive White Board). If the answer is correct appears a positive feedback with a smile and a tick next to the number in the right column whereas if it wrong will appear a mark like a brush and the correction answer.

If the student gets correct:

  • 6 out of 10 will get a bronze star.
  • 8 out of 10 will get a silver star.
  • >8 out of 10 will get a gold star.

Afterwards they can print their certificates.


After finishing the activity they can repeat it the times they want because the program each time generate automatically different variations of the task.

The teacher can also check the progress of each student through different graphs like appear in the picture below in the “Reports” section.


All the content is correlated with the National Curriculum, you can find that information in the “Curriculum Section”.

Finally the program also generates automatically printable worksheets, with different level of difficulty and with the answer sheet too. Therefore, you can also have a hard copy of proof of evidence of achievement.




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